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Double or Triple Barrel Curler

Q: What is the difference between a triple barrel curler and a double barrel curler (three barrel curler and two barrel curler)? What type of curling iron should I buy for the best results?
A: The two and three-barrel curling irons are usually used on very long hair to add bend and texture for quicker heat styling. Since the traditional, single-barrel curling iron would rapidly be "filled" with hair beyond a certain length, multi-barrel tools become helpful by allowing the hair to be wound around the barrels in alternating fashion, thus winding more hair into a wave pattern.
Revlon three barrel waver

Just how long the hair is determines the number of barrels needed. Also, you need to remember that the multi-barrel tools are advanced items that many professional stylists are unfamiliar with using. If your hair is so long that you need a multi-barrel iron, select one that serves your hair needs only. Only go to a third barrel if you can fill the third barrel, otherwise, you will find yourself with an unwieldy tool, and could easily harm yourself.
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