Static Hair and Spray Laminator

Hair spray
Photo: Elnur/Shutterstock
Q: Thanks so much for your advice. I read the article on static hair. After I towel-dry my hair, I use a leave in conditioner/detangler spray. Then, I dry my hair and straighten it, then brush it and it's just really statically charged!
Do you have any different advice? Thanks.

A: The only other suggestion I can think of is to get a spray laminator. This is a shine-enhancing product made using natural fruit oils and can be found at your local supermarket in the hair care aisle.
After you've dried the hair (using both the leave-in conditioner AND an anti-frizz serum) you can lightly mist the hair with hairspray before passing it through the flat-iron for straightening. After the segments of hair have been pressed, do not touch them until they have a chance to cool thoroughly.
Once cooled, use a wide tooth comb, or the wide end of a styling comb, to soften the segments and lightly mist the hair with the laminator spray. This should stop the static charge you are experiencing. Avoid using a brush on the hair at this point.
If your hair brush is a bristle brush, or if your tined brush has hairs caught in the tines, you can inadvertently be generating a static charge by rubbing the hairs against one another.
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