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Hairstyles Created by the Sanrizz International Team

Sephora - the ancient Hebrew word for bird is the name of this new hairstyles collection by Sanrizz International. You are invited to spread your wings and fly high on the wind of fashion and style - right to your favorite salon.
  • blonde shoulderlength hair
  • bob with thick fringe
  • short hair spiked up
  • ear length bob
  • shiny short hair
  • hair styled upwards
  • long messy look hair
  • face framing neck length hair
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Meticulously coiffeured styles, showing of the experience and excellent craftsmanship transfer plain hair into statements of fashion and art.
With Sephora Sanrizz International reinvents the classic styles of past decades and ads their own very unique touch of urban glamour and sensual elegance to them.
Hair: Sanrizz Artistic Team
Make-up: Ginni Bogado
Styling: Donnie Diamond
Photography: Roberto Aguilar