Vintage Couture

Vintage hair
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With vintage styling and couture cuts, Sanrizz presents Vintage Couture. Fashion is forever changing, so Sanrizz looks at how to modernize classic haircuts through styling and color.
This collection showcases two sets of images representing six different cuts and models styled in two different ways. The Artistic Team has done an admirable job of displaying the versatility of even the most basic hairstyles.
Cuts: We see the versatility of classic cuts and how different products and styling techniques can transform a look, framing the face with strong lines to accentuate its beauty.
Colors: Creamy blondes with a fresh feel, chestnut browns with copper undertones visible when the light reflects, and high-gloss blacks.

Bob with a Glassy Finish

Sleek glassy bob and a fringe cut with rounded corners
This sleek, sable-colored bob haircut features precise lines and smooth styling. The fringe is cut to closely hug the eye line and provides a slightly rounded corner where the horizontal and vertical lines meet.
The hairstyle would be blow-dried with a flat brush and smoothing serum for a smooth look, then passed through a flat iron for a glassy finish.

Bob for a Swanlike Neck

Bob hairstyle with razor-cut sides
Revisit the classic bob, adjusted to encompass the model's swanlike neck. Pale, palomino blonde hair is smoothly styled, with a clean fringe cut to a gentle curve at the brow, and soft, razor-cut layering at the sides of the face to break up the length.
The styling is simple: a gentle blow-out with a rounded brush and some smoothing serum, as well as a few passes with an iron to control the direction of the hair.

Bob Cut with Curls

Bob haircut with box layering and curls
This bob cut features some light box layering to distribute the bulk of the curls. The golden-blonde locks are arranged in a halo of curls that may be natural or created by the hairdresser. If natural, the curls are likely enhanced by gentle, diffuse blow-drying with a scrunching action and lift using a firm hold product.
If the curls are created, the look can be achieved using a spiral wrap on medium rollers with on-base placement for maximum lift. The curled curls are then lightly misted with hairspray and finger-styled and spot curled with a curling iron as desired.

Short Bob with Clean Lines

Chestnut bob hairstyle with clean lines
This chestnut-colored bob features clean lines and hard edges. The ends are beveled slightly to provide a smooth silhouette. The overall style is a no-nonsense, dramatic look. The hard fringe line and sharp corners lend a serious look to the overall appearance.
This is not a hairstyle for the timid. This classic cut and color are perfect for those who want a power-player look.

Mahogany Shade Bob

Short bob hairstyle with a mahogany shade
Another bob, another hairstyle, this mahogany-colored cut has classic bob lines, a rounded perimeter, and a fringe that closely frames the eyes. The ends are feathered to create a very smooth silhouette and soften the lines of the cut. The look is both short and sassy, and soft and romantic. In a word, it's a 'classic'.

Bob with Ruffing

Bob hairstyle with ruffing
Let's revisit our first cut, the sleek bob, and see what styling brings to the equation. We've kept the smooth fringe but added some texturizing to the sides to puff out the volume, and 'voilĂ ,' we see a whole new twist: from sleek and chic to wild child.

Face-Framing Coils

Short voluminous hairstyle with face-framing coils
Now we revisit cut three, the bob with curls, and see a cleaner, more subdued look to the curly, voluminous hairstyle. We keep the volume and curl but in a more tightly controlled and architectural style.
This short look is created best by gentle blow-drying with a firm hold product and smoothing serum, then spot-curling to create the clean, smooth coils that frame the face and give the look a clean, elegant appearance.

Long Bob with Volume

Long bob with tapering and volume
We take another look at the second haircut, razor-cut bob, and see how much variation is possible in the long, smooth bob. The upper portions of the hair are kept smooth and sleek, while the ends are made full and fluffed to add dimension.
The tapering and razor-cut layers that frame the face in the smooth styling give a soft, airy quality to the full-volume version of the look.

Bob with Ruffing and Puffing

Short bob haircut styled with ruffing and puffing
Our power-player, the short bob, has a playful side. The hard-lined, clean-edged bob is shown here styled for impact. Like the sleeker counterpart, this hairstyle is for those women who want to get noticed and enjoy being the center of attention.
The texturizing and volumizing of the style are meant to give the illusion of perpetual motion, perfect for the woman who can't sit still.

Wedge Shape Bob

Wedge shape bob with a jacked-out side
From smooth, classic styling to an asymmetrical statement, the soft, smooth bob is crafted into a one-sided, wedge shape. The styled-out side showcases the texturing and layers to maximum effect, emphasizing the eye-level weight line of the haircut.
Hair: Sanrizz International Artistic Team
Photography: Andres Reynaga
Styling: Louise Fitzpatrick
Makeup: Dita Alvarez
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