Amélie Haircut

Amélie - Audrey Tautou
Q: I really want to get the haircut from the movie Amelie. How can I describe that haircut to my stylist? Would it work for thin and fine straight hair? What about for curly hair? I currently perm my hair.
What I like about it is that it's really full in the back, which you can kind of see in her profile. I tried finding pictures of the back of her head, but I haven't really been able to find one. Would you call it a stacked A-line?

A: This cut is indeed a Stacked, A-line Bob cut. It is shorter than some haircuts and your best bet for relaying what you want to the stylist is to either take a photo of the cut or to explain it in specifics, such as the length of the bangs, the length at the sides and how short you desire it to be in the back.
The actress in "Amélie", Audrey Tautou, has naturally wavy hair which was ideal for the hairstyle, providing lots of fullness in the back and on the sides. As you already have your hair permed, this cut would probably work well.
The cut does work well with finer, thinner hair types, but you will get very different looks from these types of hair, since the amount of volume you can obtain varies on the amount of hair you are working with.
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