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Natural hair
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The Pure Nature hairstyles collection by Patricia Norman and the Artistic Team of Intercoiffure Böhm Haare is a study in the beauty and versatility of classic hairstyles.
These cuts are ideal for the models' faces and create a truly organic look, enhancing the natural beauty. The styles are truly classic - sleekly styled and precision cut - from the long bob with fringe for the female model, to the versatile crop cuts on the male model.
This collection of photos represents four separate haircuts - one female, three male - and the variations in styling for each cut.
Our lovely female model is sporting a classic long hair cut. The fringe is cut using a crescent-moon fringe area and follows a horizontal line across the eyes, curving gently at the outside corners. The line of the fringe follows the curve of the brow line and dips to create framing around the eyes. The main body of the hair is cut in a long blunt cut. The cut is tremendously versatile and can provide a variety of looks, as shown below.
The classic men's cuts are representative of basic looks for the modern man. Each cut is a precision cut, and depends on careful layering and length selection appropriate to the structure of the face. The model for all of the photos is the same, showing clearly how a subtle change can make a big difference in the look created.

Inverted French Twist

Hair styled into an inverted French twist
Inverted french twist hairdo
Here we see the cut styled into a smooth, sleek, inverted twist at the nape of the neck. The hair is swept back gently and wound into an inverted French Twist. The fringe is blown-out smooth and curved gently with a round brush to create a soft bend across the forehead.

Curled Hair

Long hair with the lower portions of the length curled on rollers
Long hair with gentle curls at the ends
Hair is styled into a more romantic fall of curl. The fringe follows the previous style, but the body of the hair is blown out and then curled onto thermal rollers (or perhaps left mostly damp and wrapped onto traditional rollers and dried) to create a gentle, smooth curl on the lower portions of the hair length.

Fringe with a Soft Curve

Hair with the fringe styled smooth with a soft curve
Sleek long hair
We again have the fringe styled smooth with a soft curve, but the body of the hair is simply blown straight and ironed to be smooth and glossy. The finished look is sleek, silky and mobile, allowing the hair to move freely and swing with each toss of the head.

Mid-Length Men's Haircut

Mid-length men's haircut with the top cut in uniform layers
Medium length hairstyle for men
This is a mid-length men's haircut. The style follows the traditional men's cut: short back and sides, with added length on the top. The top section is cut into evenly distributed, uniform layers. The perimeter is cut with clean, precise lines.
The finished cut is styled using a blow-dryer and styling product with a round brush to create an evenly directed bend to the styled hairs.

Collegiate Cut for Men

Collegiate cut for men with more hair length along the top
Men's haircut with short sides
This is the longest of the cuts shown and was obviously the first cut created for our model. This follows what is traditionally referred to as a Collegiate Cut. The cut features shorter lengths on the back and sides and gradually increases in length along the top as you make your way forward to the fringe area.
The cut is heavily textured using a point cutting technique, creating a very defined look in the styling. The hair is styled with a blow-dryer and brush, using a texturizing product to add definition and accentuate the cut.

Caesar Cut

Caesar cut for men
Short men's haircut
Short hairstyle for men
Short hairdo for men
Man with a short cut
This haircut for men is what is often called a Caesar Cut. The hair is close-cropped all over the head and cut with special precision following the perimeter of the hair. The side burns are cut into a taper to smooth them out along the side of the face.
The fringe is cut especially short following a curved line and is lightly textured to soften the line without thinning the hair too much. The effect is to frame the face and accentuate the eyes and brow line. The hair is styled into the smooth sleek arrangement with a blow-dryer and flat-brush, creating the smooth, soft finish you see.
Hair: Intercoiffure Böhm. Haare
Styling: Patricia Normann
Make up: Patricia Normann
Photography: Julia Berlin
Products: REDKEN
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