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Fashion hair
Fashion hairstyles created by the Berendowicz&Kublin Academy of Hair Design.

Long Layered Haircut

Long layered haircut with scrunching for wavy-haired types
Long hair with scrunching
Here we have a long layered cut designed for thick, coarse, wavy hair types. The cut is shown in the first image, styled loose and free into a mane of waves. This look is achieved by scrunching the hair as it is dried with a diffuser to maximize the wave in the hair. Afterward, a dab of styling product can be used to re-scrunch and add definition to the waves.
The second image shows the haircut styled a little differently. Here the hair is dried and styled as above, but finished by pulling it back loosely in the hands and giving it a loose horizontal twist, securing the hair with pins. The goal is to create a shape and leave design accent strands free to frame the face and soften the created shape. If you experience frizz, try misting with hairspray and patting the hair to control flyaway strands.

Smooth & Wavy Hair Styling

Hairstyle with a combination of smooth and wavy hair
Hair with gel gathered in an upstyle
Here we have a combination of smooth and wavy styling suited to wavy hair types that are thick and medium in texture. The cut is layered along the sides and back and has a blunt cut fringe. The first image shows the hair styled so that the fringe is smooth and sleek, while the sides and back are scrunched into a mane of curly hair to frame the face. The hair should be styled using a diffused dryer and a liberal amount of styling gel for maximum hold.
In the second image, the hair is gathered back into an upstyle using combs or clips of some type, which leaves the ends free but offers support to elevate the hair toward the back of the head. The styling gel previously applied gives the hair enough structure to allow it to stand out in the back and create the topiary effect you see. If added strength is desired, use a styling wax or hairspray to cement certain areas for integrity.

Asymmetrical Razor Cut

Asymmetrical razor cut for smooth straight hair types
Hair with multiple color patterns
This is an asymmetrical razor cut geared toward smooth straight hair types that are fine to medium in texture. The offset and back-angled parting showcases the angled cut of the fringe and the heavy texturing of the razor cutting.
The interplay of the haircut, texture, and the hair color patterns is designed to emphasize the asymmetry of the style and the gentle curves that are the goal of the finished look.

New Twist for Hair

Medium length hairstyle created with a razor to layer the hair
Medium hairstyle with a smooth surface
Here we see a long layered haircut on medium-length hair that is given a new twist. Suited to mostly straight or slightly wavy hair types, this style is created using a razor to layer the hair. The layering is crafted to allow bulk to build around the cheek and mouth area.
The ends are sharply layered and textured to give a soft, wispy finish to the look. The hair in the above image is blown out with a round brush to create a smooth look in the upper style, while the ends are given definition by using a dab of styling product to smooth the razored ends.
The second image shows the same cut styled to give a smooth, finished look to the hair. After blow-drying the hair, the ends are curled under and tucked, possibly using a clip or hairpins to secure them, while the outer surface of the hair is combed smooth using the flat side of a styling comb and a misting of hairspray to control flyaway strands.

Razor Cut Men's Hairstyle

Razor cut men's hairstyle with a longer nape area
Men's hairstyle with razor cutting
This men's style is razor-cut in an asymmetrical design, derived from the classic men's haircut. The nape is left slightly longer, while the shorter sides and back adhere to the tradition of men's hair styling. The fringe is cut with a curved line and tapers to nose length to soften the square jaw and prominent nose.
The soft, smooth layering is evident in the styling. The haircut is best suited to mostly straight or slightly wavy hair types and is blow-dried using a round brush to give the basic shape. The styling is finished by using a dab of product to smooth flyaway strands and add definition to the layering.

Precision Haircut

Razor cut hair with asymmetrical side strands
Short Haircut with razoring
This style for straight hair types is cut with precision using shears to create the super sharp lines of the fringe, while the asymmetrical side strands are clearly razor-textured to give a wispy finish and draw the eye to the soft curve of the jaw and neck. The first image shows the haircut in a smooth finish after blow-drying and flat iron smoothing.
The second image offers a variation on the style by taking the sides and directing them with a round brush to bend and wave forward toward the face. This can be achieved by using a strong gel or wax-based mousse product to give structure to the style. The lightness created by the heavy razoring is essential to remove the excess weight from the hair.

Precision Scissor-cut

Precision scissor-cut hair
Short haircut with spiky texture
Here we see an abstract and asymmetrical hair design, representing hair as an avant-garde art form. Suited to straight hair types, the style features combined elements of scissor-cut precision around the temples, fringe, and ears, combined with choppy razor texture in the central forehead, back, and top crown sections.
Styling combines elements of straight smoothing, with a crimping iron used to give texture to certain areas while accentuating the spiky texture in others. The hair should be blown mostly dry, and light dabs of styling wax used to give lift and definition to the style. A fine-patterned crimping iron can be used to give the wavy look to specific points along the head as desired.
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