Straight Hair without Using a Flat Iron (3)

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 • The main idea is to be aware of the direction of air flow. If you aren’t mindful, you can blow the cuticle upwards instead of concentrating the airflow downwards and end up with a frizzy mess instead of a smooth, sleek style.
Style TIP: Wrap the hair around the brush. Heat it up with the blow dryer. Then, let it cool off so that the curl can set around the brush, thus providing a long lasting style. It’s best to do a 50/50 heat/cool time. Example: heat the hair up for 20 seconds, then let it cool off for 20 sections.
Time Saving TIP: Use the cool button on the blow dryer to save even more time!
Comfort TIP: Bring long hair out in front of the face, thus making it easier to keep an eye on the direction of air flow coming from the dryer. The blow dryer is not directly on top of the hair but rather, directing the air flow downwards, helping to seal the cuticle.
 • As one works their way up to the top layers of hair take smaller sections. After all, the top layers are on display to be seen.
Time Saving TIP: If one comes across a section that is still fairly wet, first dry the hair down with the concentrator a few times over. Once the section is 80% dry, then you can begin to roll the hair up with the brush to give it a nice curve.
Style TIP: Apply a root boost or hair spray to the scalp and then blow dry the roots up off of the scalp when doing the top layer to give the most volume.
Style TIP: If one has layers cut around their face to frame it, each layer can be bent under with the use of the round brush. This means the brush has to be turned as one is blow drying. Use the dominant hand to control the movement of the round brush while the other hand, simply keeps the blow dryer pointed downward.
 • Finish off the style with an (optional) shine spray and voilà!
Key Points:
- Use a heat protectant.
- Be aware of where the air coming out of the blow dryer is flowing.
- Let the hair cool off around the brush if curling the ends so that the curl can set and you can rock the style all day long.
- Don’t forget to finish off with a shine spray.
If one’s hair goes through styling, brushing, swimming, coloring or highlighting the odds are that harm is consistently being done to the hair on a daily basis. As we have learned, using a straightening tool such as the flat iron is the most damaging of all the styling tools currently on the market. The hair just isn’t designed to withstand enough heat to cook meat with. So, it benefits one to use other means, more mindful ways to straighten the hair, such as the classic round brush and blow dryer technique that way one has a fighting chance to keep hair as intact and as healthy as possible.
By Amber Bunyea     ©
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