Straight Hair without Using a Flat Iron (2)

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Root Boost Spray:
So, when it comes to a root boosting spray one can pretty much use whatever they want. From traditional root boosting sprays like Redken’s ‘Guts’ or Big, Sexy Hair’s ‘Backcomb In A Bottle’ to plain hairspray! The key to a root boosting spray isn’t the product, it’s the application!
Shine Spray:
A shine spray product is a case by case or a personal decision based on one’s hair texture, density and personal preference to scent. Regardless of which one you select, always begin using one sparingly and go from there as a little can go a long way.
Step By Step Guide To A Long Straight Hair Style, Without the Use of a Flat Iron:
 • Begin by applying the heat protectant to freshly shampooed and conditioned hair (we applaud Redken for their dedication to using the best ingredients and balancing the ph).
 • Rub the heat protectant onto finger tips and thoroughly apply to the hair shaft. As demonstrated in the video, you might have to bring the hair over to each side if you have long hair, in order to do a thorough job.
 • Next, section out two sections on each side above the ears and two sections in the back above the occipital bone. The sections help to get the root boost or hair spray product onto the scalp. It doesn’t have to be a perfect section but be mindful to apply it directly to the scalp.
 • After applying a root boosting spray, it is important to lift the roots up off of the scalp as you blow dry them. It’s easier if you tilt your head to the side and use one’s non-dominant hand to gently pull the hair up and off of the scalp. This way the hair dries in an upward position, thus creating a maximum amount of volume. Do this step to all three areas (the sections above the ears and occipital bone)
Time Saver TIP: It’s most efficient to dry each side (above the ears) first and then the back section (above the occipital bone) last because you are going to be working in the back section next.
 • Next (in the back) part the hair down the center (making the hair go evenly to each side). The main objective at this point is to continue to focus on getting the roots dry.
Comfort TIP: One may find it easier to dry the back section using the barrel of the blow dryer instead of the handle.
 • At this point the hair is about 50% dry and so the hair now gets separated into four sections, from left to right and top to bottom.
 • Leave out a 4 inch section to work with. Always begin working on a section by making sure all knots are out that way you don’t run into any snags when you begin to use the blow dry & round brush technique.
 • The key is to use a concentrator on the end of the blow dryer and to be aware of the direction the air is blowing. The brush gives a gentle tug to straighten the hair while the concentrator smooths the cuticle down as you are drying the hair.
Style TIP: By wrapping the hair around the ends and pointing the brush towards the chin, one gives the hair a nice round brushed under look.
 • Next, section out the opposite side by twisting and securing the remaining hair.
Reminder: Make sure any tangles are out of a section of hair before you begin to round brush.
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