Embracing Your Roots (2)

Margot Robbie hair with grown out roots
Margot Robbie - Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
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There are also touch-up wands and pens similar to what you would use to fill in your eyebrows. Some even come in a mascara-like tube and are super quick, but the hardest part is matching your roots to the rest of your hair color.
Elvis Presley took shortcuts by coloring his blonde hair with shoe polish and occasionally, mascara to help with the upkeep of his luscious black locks that helped to make him famous. So, if it worked for Elvis, there is no doubt that it can work for you.
Highlights are also an amazing buffer if you want to let your roots go for a few months or if you are considering whether or not you want to keep coloring your hair completely. They also look super natural, fun, and can help lighten you up. You also only need a few face-framing ones to distract from the roots which will not take a super long time or cost too much at your salon. So, it definitely doesn't hurt.
Color Your Roots at Home
If you are really tired of your roots and need a quick but permanent fix, you can color your roots at home but do not, and I repeat, do not do this if your roots are more than two to three shades different from your colored hair. If you have dyed your hair platinum blonde but your roots are a medium brown, do not attempt to dye/bleach these roots at home for you run the risk of severe breakage and off coloring. This is a professional job for a stylist, and the same goes if you have super light hair showing through your darkened dyed hair color.
You are much better off trying color sprays, wands, and temporary fixes over permanent color if your roots are a dramatically different shade than your colored hair.
Evan Rachel Wood hair with grown out roots
Evan Rachel Wood - Photo: s_bukley/Shutterstock
Grown out Roots are Okay
Be cautious but know that roots are okay. They are normal and they happen, and yes, you might miss a touch-up here and there, but you are not alone. If you want to always stay on top of your roots, make an appointment as you leave the salon every time you go so it is already in your calendar. And if you want to change your color but don't want to maintain it, use a color close enough to your natural shade and never be afraid to use highlights as a quicker fix.
Go big and bold or beachy and sleek, but whatever you do, wear your roots with confidence. I, once again, reference Madonna and how she made roots popular in the eighties. Whenever I let my hair go for too long without coloring it, I immediately channel my inner pop star and think of her. I think of how bold she was and still is and how she didn't care if her hair was perfectly colored or not, and that is what is the most important thing we as women (and even men who color their hair) can do.
Being strong and unafraid is the best way to shine and be bold and secure in your own skin. So go for it, whatever option you choose, and good luck!