Benefits and Consequences of Dreadlocks (2)

Girl cutting off her own dreadlocks
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It is recommended that if you mix essential oils with some water, you can have a nice spray to keep the hair fresh and always on point. It is very easy for longer dreadlocks to start to smell because they can take around six hours to dry after getting wet, and because of this, a mildew scent can begin to form, which is disgusting. But frequent washing is also a bad thing, so you really do have to have some sort of maintenance plan when it comes to keeping your hair fresh.
Because you are not washing your hair every three days, as recommended for people with thick or curly hair, it is easy for dirt to accumulate in your dreadlocks. Lint, fur, environmental contaminants like smoke, food particles, dander, pollen, etc. All can get trapped within your dreads and eventually, your scalp can become itchy.
The final clincher to dreadlocks is that they cannot, and I repeat, cannot be undone. Once you have made the commitment to have dreadlocks, you are stuck with them. There is no way out. You cannot comb or brush them out and you cannot put oil in like extensions and maneuver them out because they are permanent.
They are there for the long haul and the only way to remove them is to either get a super short haircut or shave your head. Going from one dramatic look to another could cause some emotional stress and you have to think beforehand about how you feel about the possibility of being bald when you decide you are done with your dreadlocks.
Young woman with a shaved head after dreadlocks
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A shaved head and very short buzzed hair can be a super stylish look too and is at least as unique as having dreadlocks. It's your head, your hair, and your choice. If super short hair or a shaved head is something you are willing to consider, then you might be ready for dreadlocks.
Now, you are probably very well-informed about the ups and downs of having dreadlocks and you can make a more educated decision. If you want them but are still hesitant, there are ways to fake it through a stylist and some hair wax.
If you do take the leap, start mixing some essential oils with water to keep a great smell and even talk to a stylist about dry shampoo and how that can affect your dreads as everyone’s hair is different.
Don't be afraid of change, but keep in mind that this change can lead to another dramatic change that you may not necessarily want, so always look ahead. How much of a risk-taker are you? Good luck, and remember to ave fun with your hair! You only live once, so live it looking amazing!