Crazy Hair Colors at any Age! (2)

Woman with purple hair in a pixie cut and wearing a green turtleneck
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Are you a violet, plum, lavender, grape, fuchsia, or hot pink? You should take this as seriously as any other color change you would make because it is a multi-step process. Your stylist may also recommend that you do not wash your hair for a few days prior to coloring as the pigments will adhere better and come out brighter. This is a choice that is made due to a lack of pigments in funkier colors. They do not last as long and can fade if not taken care of properly.
If you choose to go for an all-over color, this is a lengthier process as your whole head will have to endure bleach and the maintenance will be far more extreme with all-over as opposed to ombré or highlights. Why? Because of roots. You will want to cover up those roots every month and with that also comes the reapplication of the purple, pink, blue, yellow, or orange of your choice.
With highlights and ombre styles, you will just have to touch up the color and can deal with growth any time, but if it is head-to-toe purple, you are going to want to keep this look up and it won't always be easy. You may be told to ditch shampoo and conditioners and only wash your hair three times a week, but thankfully, there is dry shampoo.
Peek-a-boo pops of color are always fun because they can be your little secret, like a hidden tattoo that no one knows about. There is no reason why you should go to the salon and leave with an average blonde, red, brunette or black. Adding a funky color can help express your personality and show the world that you have confidence and are a lot of fun and are not afraid to be bold.
Orange hair color for a short asymmetrical bob
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If you have gone gray, adding a few light purple highlights to frame your face will be a nice way to switch up your style and you won't even need bleach. Just make sure that your stylist does give you color-enhancing products to avoid premature fading. You will be able to tell after the first time or two how well your hair takes to pigments, and you should know relatively quickly which color direction is right for you.
Bottom line: Hair color should be fun and there is absolutely no reason why we need to be boring with what we choose and should feel that adding a pink or purple streak is wrong or taboo. It is all about living it up and having fun and there is no age limit on hair color. An eighteen-year-old can just as easily rock a pink pixie as a seventy-year-old who just retired. Let yourself live, bring color into your life, and have some fun. Good luck and enjoy!
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