Crazy Hair Colors at any Age!

Older woman with long dark gray hair with purple streaks, wearing a purple turtleneck
Image: AI illustration
Alright, let's be real here: you're never too old for anything, even crazy-colored hair! Sometimes we need to take a little risk to feel alive again, and switching up our hair color is the perfect way to do so, not just by sticking with the basic color spectrum. I have heard people say that the older you get, the more reserved you should be, the shorter your hair should be, and you should always try to cover those grays. I disagree!
Why not try something out of the box? Why not go a completely different direction and color your hair purple? I know, it may sound a little too funky and maybe the profession you are in won't allow such a dramatic look, but just hear me out. There are so many ways to add fun and flair to your look and you may not even be aware of it. Here are some ways to go from basic to bold, regardless of your age, young and old; we only live once so let us live colorfully.
It appears that purple is the most popular color that people are vying for. Mainly because it has a low failure rate when it comes to the final result. With blue dye, you can end up with green or aqua-colored hair while hot pink can turn you into Carrot Top, which may not be what you're looking for.
When it comes to changing the color of your hair, there are several different approaches and options such as highlights, ombré, undercolor, and of course, the classic all-over color. All are accomplished in a similar manner but require different levels of upkeep.
We will start with the easiest to maintain, which would be highlights or ombré color. Why is this look so easy to keep up with? Because it really just requires you to refresh the funky color you have chosen whenever it starts to dull out. Ombré is darker at the top, gradually fading into another color on the way down, and looks amazing when you have darker hair that progressively turns to a plum or lavender, depending on your preference.
Short blonde bob with streaks in light and dark red
Image: AI illustration
Highlights are just that: strips and strands of the color of your choice blending with your existing hair color. But there is a catch; you will almost always need to undergo some sort of bleaching process to get the vibrant color you desire, mainly because shades like pinks and purples are not on the color spectrum and they need to be worked on.
If you have naturally lighter hair, you're in luck because you may just need minimal lightening where you want your color to go but if your hair is in the brunette family, bleach will be necessary, unless you choose a funkier color darker than your natural color.
If you do have to bleach it out, it is highly recommended that you go to a hairdresser as opposed to doing this at home, mainly because bleach can severely damage your hair, virgin or previously color-treated. Your stylist will be able to guide you to the best path before coloring so that you achieve the maximum results with minimum damage and breakage. The stylist may suggest that you get the highlights about one to two weeks before getting the final color applied to give your hair a chance to heal and repair. You can also discuss the best shade of the color you have picked to complement your skin tone.
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