Clip-In Fringe by Balmain

Hairstyle with clip-in fringe
Lots of women chopped off their hair to sport a thick, full, and statement-making fringe. Do you want one too, but not a permanent commitment? Aren't you ready yet to get your hair cut? Would you like to find out what you look like with bangs before getting your hair chopped off?
The Balmain Clip-In Fringe is a great solution. Simply click it in and change your hairstyle in only 5 minutes. It is easy and stylish.
A great full fringe can be yours without the regret of cutting your own hair. Now you can easily copy the looks and hairstyles with bangs of Zooey Deschanel, Jessica Biel and Rachel McAdams.
Hairstyle before clip-in fringe
Balmain clip-in fringe
Blonde clip-in fringe
Brown clip-in fringe
The Clip-In fringe makes it possible to change your style within minutes. Place to fringe on top of your head, clip it in and you have an instant new look... without cutting! After cutting it in, the bangs can be trimmed to the length you like: long, short or very short. Simply unclip the fringe to go back to your original look.
Balmain clip-in fringes are made of Memory®Hair and weigh 20% less than your own hair. This results in a comfortable wearing experience. This hair type is color resistant and can be treated like human hair. It can be styled and curled up to 160°C. The Balmain Clip-In fringe is available in nine blended colors.
Photos: Balmain Paris
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