Rachel McAdams Hairstyles

Rachel McAdams is a Canadian actress, born November 17th 1978.
  • Rachel McAdams
  • blonde Rachel McAdams
  • blonde Rachel McAdams
  • Rachel McAdams with longer hair
  • Rachel McAdams with her hair in barrel curls

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Her big first success was the role of the "Queen Bee" in the movie "Mean Girls" and since then she has also been seen in "The Notebook", "The Wedding Crashers" and "The Time Traveler's Wife", just to name a few. Quirky Rachel with her big blue eyes has been wearing many romantic hairstyles like dreamy, medium long curly looks or longer hair full of wavy action and adorable upstyles with braids and cute accessories like hairbands or pins.
She has a more edgy side as well and is not shy to show it. This brings out haircuts of a wilder nature with long layers and a lot of texture or splashes of color. Rachel is one of those women who can wear any haircolor and look great no matter what. She is stunning as a beach blonde and also as a brunette and can even handle a touch of red.
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