How to Cut Bangs

1. What you will need:
a. A pair of scissors
b. Crocodile clips
c. A cutting comb
d. Hairspray
e. Heat protection product
f.  Wax
g. A straightening iron
  • How to cut bangs
  • Tools and hair products to cut bangs
  • Clip hair to the front with a crocodile-clip
  • Straighten the hair

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2. Use your comb to draw a line spanning from ear to ear. This parting should be neat and clear. Clip the hair to the front by using your crocodile-clip while you section the hair to form a perfect half-moon parting at the front of the head.
3. Note that we are using dry hair. Never cut a fringe while the hair is still wet. Wet hair is heavier than dry hair, which means that if you cut the fringe while the hair is wet, it will be much shorter than you intended for it to be when it has dried.
Apply your heat-protection product to the section of hair that your will be cutting into a fringe. It’s very important to always use a heat-protector product when you apply any kind of heat to your hair.
Pull the hair to the front, and straighten this section of hair with the help of your comb and flat-iron. While straightening the hair, we ensure that the weight-line of the fringe is straight.
  • Cut hair in a straight horizontal line
  • Bangs that are too long
  • Feather hair with cutting scissors
  • Pull hair in a downwards direction
  • Slide hair cutting scissors

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4. Pull the hair to the front and in a downwards direction, using your forefinger and middle finger to maintain the tension of the hair. Slide your fingers down until your fingers are level with the bridge of your model’s nose. Cut a straight horizontal line, while being careful of not cutting too close to the model’s face.
5. You’ll see that the fringe is too long, but this gives you working space to customize the length of the fringe. Now, cut a small amount of length at a time, until the weight-line of the fringe is in line with the model’s eye-brows. Again be very careful of not cutting too close to the model’s face. Always ask your model to close her eyes, as little pieces of hair can easily end up in his/her eyes, causing irritation and discomfort.
6. Pull the hair framing the side of the face tight in a downwards direction. You will now cut this section of hair by “feathering” it, to fall in line with the fringe. Again slide the hair between your fore-finger and middle-finger, keeping good tension and control of the hair.
7. Feather the hair in a downwards direction, by holding your scissors at an angle, and gently slide the scissors down the side of this section of hair. Don’t attempt this if you don’t have professional hairdressing-scissors, as you will only hurt your model by pulling her hair, and the cut will be uneven.
8. Slide your scissors while using this method all the way down the length of the hair framing the model’s face. You see the feather-effect customizes the long fringe; softening it and creating a whole new look for the model. Cutting a beautiful fringe really is an art, and it takes practice to prefect it.
9. Now lift the fringe section in the forehead area. Note how this section makes a point when you lift it in a horizontal 90 degree angle in relation to the forehead. This will make the fringe too heavy and bulky.
  • Lift the fringe
  • Cut hair to remove bulk of the fringe
  • Shorter bangs after cutting

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10. Hold your scissors at a slightly off-centre angle in relation to the ends of the fringe. Now use the slicing-method, (cutting in this angle into the hair to thin out the weight-line without removing excess length) to remove the bulk of the fringe. Don’t over-do this step, as you’ll end up with a ragged fringe. Continually comb the fringe down your model’s forehead to check when you’ve thinned it out enough.
11. If your bangs have always been long, you might notice that once you cut a shorter fringe, the hair may spring up at the front of your hairline. This is merely the growth pattern of your hair, but it may make it difficult for you to style your new fringe in the beginning.
Clip down your fringe in the evenings before you go to bed in the direction that you want it to fall. Use a blow-dryer and round brush when you style you fringe in the morning. It will take a while for your fringe to fall in the direction that you want it, but eventually it will do this on its own.
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