Bleached Hair For Men (2)

Jared Leto with bleached hair
Jared Leto - Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
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Bleaching your hair requires bi-weekly maintenance if you have super dark roots and you will want to cover them up the moment they begin to sprout. This means that you will have to go to your hair salon at least once a month and that can not only be extremely costly but also a big hassle.
You should really never attempt to bleach your hair at home, despite how many commercials for bleaching kits you have seen on television, in magazines, and in stores. And this goes especially for you if this is your first foray into any type of hair coloring because the worst thing to happen would be to end up looking like you just poured thousand island dressing all over your head, aka orange hair.
If you have bleached your hair at home before, you may have encountered this and you are aware that this is not a pleasant situation. There's a whole mess that could be made and next thing you know, you will be at the barbershop or the salon, getting a nice buzz cut. So start at the salon to avoid any mishaps.
You will also want to pick up some purple hair products like shampoos and conditioners to avoid brassy tones and you do not want to go near chlorine without having the proper products so that your hair will not turn green. Maybe tweet swimmer Ryan Lochte and ask him what his secret was as he went platinum for a period of time.
You should also invest in some new gels or pomades so that you can style your new colored locks in different and fun ways. Why not? Life is short, so give it a try! This could also be a fun couple's coloring bonding event, just saying . Why not be that couple who doesn't have matching tattoos but rather matching fun hair?
Adam Levine with bleached hair
Adam Levine - Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
Still not ready? There are some other celebrities who have looked phenomenal with blonde locks that ultimately made statements as they let the blonde grow out into a gorgeous ombré style. Think Oscar-winning singer and actor Jared Leto, who loves to change his hair color. For a period of time, he went super platinum, but he also was the king of the man bun, which looked great because he had the whole dark on top, light on the ends ombré look. That is a great way to transition if you want to grow your hair out as well as get rid of the blonde.
Other attractive people who rocked the icy blonde are David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and Pete Wentz. To be honest, the list is really long and it's not a color that is so far out of the range of hair colors that it can't be worn professionally. You may want to go blue, but your job is not completely on board with it. How can they say no to a chic blonde look that is done properly and classically?
I feel like it is a timeless change and with men, they have the luxury to have short hair and just grab the clippers when they grow tired of the color. That is an issue that women who bleach have to deal with. We can end up with short, dried-out ends, gummy pieces, and eventually a pixie cut that we did not want. We just wanted to be white-blonde and now we are almost bald and it is a sad story. So, go out and have fun. Bleach your hair and good luck!