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Q: Can anyone have chin length hair? Do men like the length or is it better to wear your hair longer? I’m 35 and dating men. I’ve read that shorter hair takes off years and I actually like the look of chin length hairstyles.
A: Chin length hairstyles are some of the most versatile and universally popular hairstyles right across the age and culture spectrum. These styles are easy to maintain, can be worn loose or styled into curls or even up-styles, while they are still short enough to qualify as medium length or even short hairstyles.
And yes, chin length hairstyles look good on virtually most women. This said; it is still always better to take into account your specific features and face shape when you're considering a new hairstyle. Wider facial shapes should choose styles with bangs to put more emphasis on their foreheads and elongate the style, while wearing their hair straight and slick to make their faces look more narrow and streamlined. Chin length hair works best with diamond, oval or heart shaped faces. Deciding whether men prefer shorter hair or longer hair is impossible as every person has their own preferences, etc.
I always like to point out that your own happiness and preference should take priority above the opinions of those around you, especially when it comes to your own appearance. If you want to cut your hair short; cut it, irrespective of what other people might think of it. Especially men. In my experience men much more value a strong woman with a healthy self-confidence and sense of independence, rather than dating a woman based on the length of her hair. That said, men do seem to prefer women with a feminine appearance.
Too short hair that's plainly been shaved off will probably put off most men from approaching a woman on a romantic level. Luckily most chin length hairstyles tend to be very flattering and feminine. You can make it even more pretty by adding wispy bangs that camouflages wrinkles that you might have on your forehead, as well as adding a dreamy, youthful characteristic to the style. Incorporating highlights especially to the top section, or sections around the face or in the bangs will automatically make you look younger and fresher, thanks to the light colors softening your face.
In short, it is probably a really good idea to cut your hair to chin level and spruce up your color a bit with highlights or lowlights or even a whole new color. But do it for yourself. Cherish and love yourself and your own appearance and prioritize your own happiness and character. The rest will follow.
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