The Difference Between a Pixie and Men's Hair

Short haircuts for men and women
Q: What is the difference between a ladies pixie cut and a men's short haircut?
A: This is a tricky question… The difference can either be very big, or non-existent. The difference is usually that men’s haircuts are far less texturized and have shorter bangs than the traditional women’s pixie cut.
Men’s hairstyles tend to be very short at the back and sides, and slightly longer at the top. Women’s pixie cuts tend to also be very short at the back, but with longer sides and especially the bangs are much longer than the rest. The longer parts incorporated into women’s pixie cuts are deliberately added to soften the hairstyle, and make the whole look more feminine and womanly.
Soft tendrils around the face and sides are usually the key components of any cut to increase the softness and youthfulness of a style. While these are usually the rules that stylists adhere to, you do get the kind of woman who likes to push the boundaries and make a super short, super blunt cut look über female.
Charlize Theron is one such a stunning example. She hacked off her hair so short a few years back that her hair was shorter than most of her male co-stars. Yet, instead of looking overly masculine or rough, she seemed to look even more ravishing and chic!
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