Looking younger with a turtleneck

Attractive older woman who is wearing a turtleneck
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Q: When my wife wears a turtleneck, she always appears younger. We both agree that she looks more youthful in a turtleneck, but we have no idea what the reason is for this. Is there a scientific or fashion rationale behind why a turtleneck seems to have this rejuvenating effect?
A: The perception that your wife looks younger when wearing a turtleneck might be influenced by scientific, psychological and fashion-related factors.
A turtleneck covers a significant portion of her neck, which can create an illusion of a smoother neck. The neck is prone to showing signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging skin. By covering the neck, a turtleneck can draw attention away from these signs of aging. Wearing a turtleneck can thus make the neck appear more youthful and contribute to the perception of being a younger-looking person.
Also, a turtleneck draws attention to the face and the hair by framing it with the high neckline. It shifts the focus away from areas that may show signs of aging, such as the neck or décolletage. When attention is directed towards the face and hair, especially if a woman has well-maintained skin, attractive features and a beautiful hairstyle, this shift of focus may contribute to the perception that a woman is younger.
The visual harmony created by the continuous line from the neck to the chest can have a harmonizing effect on a woman’s appearance. The absence of a visible break between the face and the chest may create an uninterrupted visual flow, and this can contribute to a more cohesive and potentially younger look.
Turtlenecks are often associated with a timeless style. Turtlenecks, when styled appropriately, can exude elegance and sophistication. Since these qualities are not necessarily linked to a specific age group, women of various ages can wear turtlenecks and appear fashionable and refined. This timeless appeal can contribute to a perception of agelessness and thus looking younger.
The cyclical nature of fashion trends plays a role in how we perceive certain styles. Turtlenecks have been popular in various fashion eras, and their resurgence in contemporary fashion can be associated with a youthful and trendy aesthetic. When a woman adopts fashion trends that are commonly associated with youthfulness, it can influence perceptions of her age.
The way women perceive themselves and the confidence they exude can greatly influence how others perceive them. If a woman feels more confident and comfortable when wearing a turtleneck, this positive self-perception can radiate outward, and contribute to a perceived youthful glow. Confidence and a positive self-image are qualities that can enhance one's overall appearance.
The choice to wear turtlenecks, can be linked to lifestyle choices and health consciousness. Turtlenecks provide coverage to the neck and chest area, protecting the skin from environmental factors such as UV radiation. Over time sun exposure can contribute to premature aging. Women who prioritize health and wellness may be perceived as younger, and their choice of turtlenecks can subconsciously be associated with a mindful approach to aging.
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