Look Good with Short Hair

Woman who is ready to chop her hair off
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Q: How can you tell if short hair will look good on you? My hair is shoulder length, and I have never had it short. I think that pixie cuts look cute and I’m very tempted to chop my hair off.
I nearly cut it into a pixie two months ago but I chickened out. Should I give my hairdresser carte blanche to get the best pixie for my face or is it better to bring pictures of haircuts I like?

A: Two quick and simple solutions to this question may be to Photoshop a pixie cut onto a picture of yourself. There are some online computer programs that aid in simulating different hairstyles on your face. It’s a great way to see how you would look with a certain hairstyle or hair color without actually taking the plunge.
Another easy solution would be to try on a wig. As silly as it sounds, it may be worth a trip to a wig shop to get a better feel of how short hair would look and feel on you without any scissors being involved. Take a friend along and have fun with it. If you’re still happy with the results from the above experiments then continue on to the next helpful recommendations.
It’s always best to start by looking at photos in magazines or online to find the haircut you’re most attracted to. Look at the models in the photos and consider these questions. Does the model have a similar face shape to yours? Does the model have similar hair texture to yours? Meaning, if you have curly hair or bone straight hair, what type of hair texture does the model seem to have? How much hair does the model have and how does it compare to yours?
By comparing your hair to your ideal haircut, you will be able to narrow down and hopefully find a photo that seems like it may be comparable and therefore equally flattering to you as the haircut is to the model. Talking to your stylist about your wants and concerns is key. Bringing in your photo is very helpful and will aid in getting you both on the same page before the haircutting process.
Pixie haircuts look best on round and heart shaped faces. If you have always wanted to try it out and go for it! To be honest, you may hate it but won’t you always wonder how it would look? And guess what? Hair grows! That’s the beauty of hair. Every haircut is temporary and hey – you may be missing out on the best haircut of your life. You’ll never know until you try.
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