Long Hair to Pixie Cut Makeover

Long hair to pixie cut makeover
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Q: I have always been intrigued by other girls who have the courage to cut their long hair really short. Some of these long to pixie makeovers are simply jaw-dropping. I want to know how it feels, how people react,... and I’m ready for my own long to pixie makeover!
I already told my best friends that I would go pixie-short this summer and there’s no way back. The only thing I worry about is maintenance. How should I get my hair cut to make it maintenance-friendly? I want a sort of “wash and go” pixie cut and get the best out of this makeover. I have an oval face.

A: Congratulations on taking the big step towards having your pixie cut makeover! An oval face is absolutely perfect for this cut, so you already have the basis for virtually any pixie to look stunning on you.
I would suggest going for a pixie cut that has longer, diagonal bangs with a short back and sides, while leaving a bit of longer length on top. The hair should be very texturized, so that the sides and back have a lot of dimension when it is styled with wax. Look at images of Jennifer Lawrence, Elsa Pataky, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Williams and Keira Knightley.
You’ll see that this type of pixie is very versatile. It can be styled to stand up straight all over the head, giving the woman that foxy, sultry sense of style. Or the bangs can be blow dried to slant across the forehead, while the rest of the hair is styled with a dry-look texturizing wax, which looks very feminine and soft.
You can also blow-dry the whole style and spray a silicone-based gloss spray to get the perfect office look. But the best feature of this style is that you can simply wash, dry and do a quick, 5-minute styling by applying a bit of wax and mussing up your tresses.
You have to remember that a pixie style on a woman always needs to be styled in some sort of way. It only needs to take five minutes, but you have to use a wax or gel and run your hands through your hair to get it to look great. Women who are new to having a pixie often make the mistake of thinking that they’ll have to do nothing with their hair once it’s short. This really isn’t true. If you want to look good in your pixie, you have to treat the style right.
Search for a picture of a pixie cut that you really like, and take it with you to the hairdresser. Have her/him cut it in that style, and then ask her/him to show you how to style it according to your picture. Watch the stylist’s moves, and also the product that he/she is using. Buy the necessary products and practice styling your hair at home.
You can also have a few highlights put in when you have your hair cut; especially in the fringe area. This lightens up the whole style, while the highlights remove some of the moisture in the structure of the hair. This helps for easier styling, as highlighted hair tends to stay in place better when it has been waxed, while it also takes longer to look oily.
Your pixie cut will undoubtedly be much less maintenance than your long hair, but make sure that you give it the time, styling and maintenance that it needs to really shine. Making this change will be great fun. Just make sure that you’re kitted out with the right products and methods to make the transition as easy and enjoyable as possible.
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