Michelle Williams Hairstyles

Michelle Williams is an American actress, born September 9th, 1980.
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She has been building herself a nice career with roles in "Brokeback Mountain", "Shutter Island" and "Blue Valentine". Michele is one of those daring women who went from long hair to very short haircuts and she seems to love it. It definitely looks amazing on her. The feisty and sexy confidence replaces a series of romantic longer hairstyles and a few stages in between the lengths.
Michelle has a slightly round face and looks great with most hairstyles that are either long on the sides with medium volume or looks that add a bit more lift on top of her head. Texture and fine layers playing around her face are also a great choice. Her hair is fine, but she appears to have a lot of it. The vanilla and strawberry tones that she has been wearing are a perfect combination with her skin tone and look even more natural with refined highlights.
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