Silicone Based Hair Products

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Q: What ingredient should I look for in a hair care product to let me know if it is silicone based? Thanks in advance.
A: There are a number of silicone and silicone-derivative ingredients used in the making of hair care products. Most of these can be identified by language markers and keywords.
The majority of silicone variants feature "-methicone" in their nomenclature. There are a few that seem to be found more often in hair care products, although new derivatives and variants are found all the time.
The most commonly found silicone derivative ingredients are:
•  Phenyl Trimethicone - Water resistant silicone, adds shine and flexibility.
•  Dimethicone - A silicone derivative. Adds luster and sheen.
•  Dimethicone Copolyol - Same as above and is water soluble.
•  Cyclomethicone - A silicone derivative. Adds luster and sheen.
The primary reason for the use of silicone is that it tends to be longer lasting than many natural oils, and works especially well for coarse and/or damaged hair types. The majority of products that use silicone derivatives are intended to add shine and to protect the hair from moisture loss and environmental or styling damage.
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