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Q: I recently had my bangs re highlighted and now they are way too dry. I have used the Joico K-pak re-constructor and also the intense hydrator and used them both under a processing cap with heat, but my hair seems to be getting worse as far as dryness and fly-away strands. Just not as much body as I had before. Do I have to use another conditioner after I rinse these products out, since they are, I am assuming a treatment with keratin?
I am getting very frustrated with my hair not reacting the way I want it to. I love to have that moisture look going on in my hair, but can’t seem to achieve that right now. My hair is short, wavy and very thick and coarse in texture. It has always been in very good condition, but I am having a little issue right now. Am I using the wrong products or over-using in your opinion? Thanks for any help you can offer.

A: These keratin-based re-constructors and other protein treatments are terrific for helping to add strength to hair that has been weakened by chemical treatments. However, they aren’t the only thing you need to repair chemical damage to the hair. When the hair is damaged by chemical processing it becomes more porous and loses moisture easily. You need additional products to replenish the moisture and help seal the cuticle layer to lock that moisture in.
Add to your routine a “smoothing” conditioner (such as Pantene for Smooth Hair) in both a rinse-through formula and a leave-in spray (like Infusium-23) to keep the hair hydrated. Remember, while you only need to shampoo your hair when it has become soiled, you should condition the hair every day. Smoothing serums for frizzy hair can also help to seal the hair and hold in moisture.
You should also make sure to look at this situation realistically. There is no “instant” fix for damaged hair. It will take time to “heal” the hair in order to regain that healthy shine and manageability. Healing is not really accurate, since the hair is not a living appendage, but the idea is similar in that the repair takes time the way healing does.
So condition the hair daily and use “special treatments” not more than every two weeks. Do this in conjunction with treating the hair carefully while styling and maintaining it, and you’ll see dramatic improvements.
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