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How to Pineapple Curly Hair

Q: I have curly hair and it tangles when I sleep. Someone told me that I have to pineapple my hair before I go to bed. What is pineappled hair?
A: "Pineappling" refers to the technique of sectioning and twisting the hair - specifically curly hair - in order to keep it untangled and offer some measure of control while sleeping.
pineapple Usually, the hair will be misted with water or a light-hold styling product, possibly even a detangling spray before the hair is divided into approximately one inch square segments and twisted until the hair rests snugly against the scalp.
The twists are usually secured with elastic bands or hairpins. The resulting look, of a gridded pattern with central raised points is reminiscent of the exterior of a pineapple and therefore takes its name from said fruit.
Pineappling is great for curly hair, as it helps to promote a taming of frizz common to curly hair types, but depending on the individual, may be a bit uncomfortable for sleeping. This can sometimes be helped by careful arrangement of the twists so that they lay against the scalp rather than poking out from the head.
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