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No Hair Growth

Q: When I was a child I took an electric razor (facial shaver) to the side of my head and it obviously cut my hair down to the skin, the hair never grew back, and there is no hair growth there whatsoever. I am now 22 and looking for answers on if it is possible to have a procedure done to stimulate hair growth again?
A: It seems unusual that simply using an electric razor to shave the hair as a small child should cause a denial of hair growth. Typically, the only cause of cessation of hair growth is damage to the follicles. If this occurred at the time, then it is likely that the hair follicles would no longer produce hair, resulting in the spot you describe.
However, the bottom line is that once you drop below the skin's surface, what you have is no longer a problem for a hairdresser to help you with. What you need is a consultation with a dermatologist who can help you decipher what's going on with your scalp in the area in question.
As a cosmetologist I am not qualified to give you medical advice, and in point of fact, I haven't enough information with which to make even a reasoned guess as to what has caused this bald patch.
Please see your doctor and trust his advice for this situation. My expertise is cosmetic, and I believe your problem to be medical.
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