Hair Laminating to Fix Split Ends

Girl checking her hair for split ends
Photo: ArkHawt/Shutterstock
Q: Will the hair laminating procedure fix my split ends?
A: The process known as “laminating” is generally a “shine enhancer” that helps to improve the look of the hair by making it shinier and giving a glossy finish. It has also been called “cellophane process” and “cleargloss enhancing”.
Depending on the specific ingredients in the process used, it can help with the look of some split ends. You will need to talk to your stylist about the formula in use where you plan to have the service done.
You also need to remember that these laminating services are just like demi-permanent color and that they are subject to the same responses as other color services. Harsh shampoos and styling processes can damage the hair and shorten the lifespan of the shine results.
There are other products on the market called “spray laminators” that can improve the appearance of split ends. These are lightweight sprays consisting of fruit oils and very light-hold substances to act like a mild hairspray with maximum shine. They are intended to be used VERY sparingly as even a little bit too much can result in the hair appearing oily.
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