Tahitian Tiare Oil

Tahitian Tiare flower
Photo: Nina G./Shutterstock
Q: I heard that Tahitian Tiare oil is good for your hair. What is it, and what does it do?
A: The scent of Tahitian Tiare oil alone will want you to close your eyes and dream of tropical beaches and palm trees swaying in a soft breeze. It has one of the most alluring scents of the islands and is also an ancient natural beauty product.
The Tahitian Tiare flower belongs to the gardenia family and has six to eight long and white petals. It is a flower often seen behind the ears of women all over the Pacific Islands. It not only has a heavenly scent and secret meanings depending if it is behind the left or the right ear, it also has medicinal uses. Tiare is said to help with migraines and various skin conditions.
The flower does not have a high oil content and so it is pounded and mixed with cold pressed highly refined coconut oil. This mixture then sits for several weeks until it is ready for use. This way all of the flowers' moisturizing qualities enhance the oil and create the irresistible scent.
Polynesian women have used Tiare oil for thousands of years to give extra shine to their hair and to keep it healthy and strong. Today it is produced by Monoi de Tahiti under strict specifications that were put down by the government of France. Just like fine wine Tiare oil receives a stamp of Appellation d'Origine to assure its quality.
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