Hairstyle for a Halter Dress

Hairstyle to wear with a halter dress
Photo: Irina Bg/Shutterstock
Q: What hairstyle goes well with a halter dress? I have long hair but I don't know if I should put it up or wear it down. I don't want my shoulders to look too broad.
A: Well, you have to bear in mind that most halter dresses are specifically intended to display the shoulders and arms to best effect. But if you are concerned about possibly appearing too broad in the shoulders, a mitigating hairstyle may be of help.
You say you have long hair, and hopefully it is long enough to reach the shoulders (preferably after being curled) as this will help in creating a balance for the shoulders.
The goal, in this case, is to style the hair so that it increases in volume toward the ends. You can achieve this by either curling the hair, or smoothing straight hair so that it fans out across the shoulders. Both techniques break up the horizontal line of the shoulders, and draw attention toward the center where you want it.
I would generally urge caution in avoiding too much volume at the upper portions of the head, as you can easily create a top-heavy appearance, and end up looking like a stick of cotton candy.
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