Hairstyles for Big Girls

Overweight girl
Photo: Jonathan Ziegler/Shutterstock
Q: What are good hairstyles for big girls? Is there any style or length of hair that can make us look slimmer?
A: Hairstyles for big girls have to follow the same criteria as hairstyles for any other demographic. The style should be flattering to the face, provide balance to the features and be in proportion to the whole body. Keep the hair’s overall volume in balance with the size and shape of the body in question.
Women who are “apples” (meaning that their body shape consists of a more heavy and rounded torso – particularly upper body – with slimmer legs) usually look better with shorter hairstyles. Not too short, but shorter on the sides or styled with less volume on the sides and more vertical focus to the hair overall.
Women who are “pears” (whose bodies are definitively pear-shaped with full-figured curves and broader hips and thighs) generally seem suited to longer hair, and can typically handle styles with more volume, since this can give a sense of balance to the lower body’s prominence.
Avoid “fad” hairstyles, unless they are specifically created for your body type. And recognize and accept that if you look like Kathy Bates, you don’t want to try and copy the hairstyle worn by Katie Holmes. A lot of the secrets behind making good hair choices lie in being honest with yourself and realistic about your expectations.
I’d love to say that “this” hairstyle or “that” hairstyle are perfect for big girls, but the fact is that even big girls come in all shapes and sizes, so try to use the tips above, find a stylist you trust and be honest with yourself. You’ll be much happier in the end.
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