Keep Hair Out of the Face

Older woman with medium long hair
Photo: Zdenka Darula/Shutterstock
Q: Should older women keep their hair short and out of their face? Or is it better to keep the hair long to hide wrinkles on the face as much as possible?
A: When dealing with signs of aging, the important thing is to make sure the haircut is one that is flattering to the face in light of its ever-changing topography. In other words, as they develop, wrinkles become some of the features that must be taken into account when you are choosing a hairstyle.
The specifics of the hairstyle depend on the way in which these signs of aging manifest. Lines and wrinkles in the forehead, fine lines around the eyes, and creping of the skin beneath the brow bone might be camouflaged by a soft, wispy fringe that falls to just below the brows.
In cases where the lines manifest mostly as deep creases around the mouth and nose, you want to avoid long straight lines in the hair style. By mimicking these lines, you reinforce their appearance. Soft curving layers in the hair can help to break up the focus of these lines.
And if the biggest problem you find is a sagging jaw line, you can combat this by creating a hairstyle with volume in the upper sections of the head; perhaps a style with shorter, tapered sides, and length on top that is pumped up with volume. This would draw attention away from the jaw, and the volume in the upper sections would give the impression that the face tapers more, masking the jaw's sagging lines.
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