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Neck Wrinkles and Lines

Q: I'm 47 years old and I already have some neck wrinkles and lines. A friend told me that I would look younger with a short haircut. Is short hair a good decision when you want to look younger? My hair is shoulder length now and I was convinced that it is a good hairstyle to look young because it hides some of the wrinkles.
A: The fact is that it's a matter of degrees. The best choice in hairstyle to look younger is one that is flattering to your face and features. You cannot simply say "a short haircut" or "a perm" will make someone look younger.
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If, as you say, your strongest sign of age is the presence of lines and wrinkles at the neck, then going shorter may not be the most flattering style for you. However, if the lines and wrinkles at the neck are accompanied by a general trend toward vertical lines in the face or jowl-like lines along the jaw, having a longer style could over-emphasize the look of these lines.
It's really a balancing act, and your best chance is to talk to your stylist about a professional opinion on the matter. It may be that you only need to shorten your hair slightly, and that a change in color or tone would better serve your needs.
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