Fishbone Shears

Bonika fishbone shears
Q: What are fishbone hair shears and what are they used for?
A: These are a new innovation in haircutting tools that take the design of classic haircutting scissors and cross them with the functionality of the guarded razor for haircutting. The look is what you might imagine happening if a manufacturer botched up in making a pair of thinning shears.
Normal shears have honed edges that meet and lightly glide against one another as the shears are opened and closed. The outside edges of the shears are usually rounded and smoothed. However, with these new “fishbone” style shears, the outside edges of the blades on the shears are notched, creating “guards” that resemble the spines of a fish’s skeleton, hence the “fishbone” moniker.
The notches that now serve as guards enable the stylist to use the shears as a razor tool simply by holding them closed and dragging them along the length of the hair the way you would any other razor tool. It allows for convenience for the stylist and a faster service for the client since the stylist isn’t forced to switch back and forth between the two tools. With these shears the stylist can cut the shape, add texture and even thin and slither the hair without ever reaching for a separate tool.
Currently, the only company I’ve found making these interesting tools is Bonika Shears Sales and Sharpening with a home office in Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. and other offices in New Zealand & Australia (look for Sharpen Up), Ireland and other Parts of Europe (look for Cool Blades).
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