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Bangs and Face Shape

Q: I'm thin and I have wide-set eyes and a high forehead. I see that you recommend bangs for the high forehead part? But if I get bangs, then it would lessen the skin that's exposed which will make my eyes bigger right? "However, when dealing with wide-set eyes avoid volume on the sides of the hairstyle and keep the hair away from the face.
Keeping the style off the face increases the amount of skin visible on the outer sides of the eyes and makes the balance seem in proportion, but adding volume on the sides would only make the eyes appear wider." What am I going to do?
P.S. I might be a model soon, so are bangs okay?

A: You also have to consider the overall shape of the face in question, rather than just the specific features with which you are dealing. Is your face, round? Narrow? Oval?
If narrow, you could use a little volume on the sides of the face without worry that the widening effect will be too much. It's all about balance. You have to learn to adjust and adapt the looks to suit your face and needs.
Haircut for wide-set eyes
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And you don't have to add volume on the sides to direct the hair away from the face. Try a style that features soft, wispy bangs, and draws the hair at the sides back to be tucked behind your ears. And while I am happy to give you theoretical suggestions, I cannot make a real assessment from a description. You would be better served discussing the issues with a salon professional in your area who is able to physically examine your hair and assess your needs based on face shape and feature balance.
As for your post script (P.S.) question: That is something you might want to address with your representative in your modeling endeavors. In some industries and modeling genres, the model's hairstyle is pretty much her own choice so long as it flatters her and her hair remains healthy. I don't know what type of modeling you are looking to become involved in, so you may want to hold off on any major hairstyle changes until you've spoken to your modeling representative and assured yourself that there are NO restrictions on how you choose to wear your hair.
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