Colored Hair & Spiral Perm

Spiral perm
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Q: My hair has been permanently colored about five times in the past. My hair is long and straight with some streaks that are somewhat faded now. It's been approximately 10 months since the last coloring.
I would like to have a spiral perm done to my hair. Can I achieve this without damage? Is this something not recommended? I have had two different answers from professional hairdressers, so I am very confused now.

A: I wish I could give you a more definitive answer, but the truth is it really depends on your hair's condition.
The fact that you have had two different hairdressers give you two different answers is confusing, I know, but the fact that one of them said you shouldn't do it leads me to think that you may be dealing with some level of hair damage and that the stylist didn't want to be responsible for possibly seriously damaging your hair. I would frankly be more concerned about the possible motives of the stylist who gave the green light to the idea.
What it really boils down to for you in making the decision is deciding whom you feel is more likely to be someone you can trust. When you choose a hairdresser, you have to select someone whose skills you trust, and whom you feel has your best interests as part of his/her motivations.
A stylist who overestimates his/her skills or is thinking primarily of selling you the service is more likely to take risks with your hair's condition. However, the stylist may be justified in his/her estimation of the skills he/she possesses and can give you the spiral perm without worry. You must decide for yourself what to believe, by doing your homework.
Ask for references, ask to see photos of the clients on whom the stylist has performed similar services. And above all else, TALK to the stylist and as why he/she feels that he/she can perform the service when another stylist said it shouldn't be done. After that, it's your judgment call.
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