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Hair Growth Difference

Q: Actually I have a few questions to ask: My hair in the top grows so fast and my hair in the back grows so slow; what could be the cause? And, my hair is short and thick I want to know what products can I use to get that tight curly look?
A: You have to remember that your hair follicles are independent of each other in regards to growing the hair. In some cases, some follicles can produce hair significantly faster than others, and from area to area of the scalp you may find a range of growth rates. Of course, you may also have follicles that grow hair faster spread throughout the head. I myself wear my hair buzz-cut very short and after a couple of weeks I can see certain hairs growing much more quickly than others.
This is a normal situation that everyone faces, only some have more prominent experiences than others.
As for getting a "tight curly" look in your hair, you have either to have naturally curly hair, or be willing to get your hair permed to create the curl. (That or roller set the hair every time you shampoo.) If you have naturally curly hair, you can use curl-enhancing shampoos and conditioners to help propagate the curl, and use styling product, and air-dry the hair to allow the curl to maintain.
But unless you have the amount of curl you want to start with, you will want to use a perm service to create the curls. Your stylist can assist you in choosing the right size curl for you and can show you how to care for and style the hair afterward to create the best looking curls.
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