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The Good and Bad Side of the Head

Q: Is it really true that we all have a "good side" and a "bad side" of hair? This is what my hairdresser told me when I told her that the right side of my hair is thinner and more unmanageable than the right side. It is a feat for me to get up every morning to do my hair because one side is so much harder to dry and style than the other due to this problem. So, is it really true? I feel like I have less hair on my "bad side". Is there anything I can do?
A: I've never really liked to categorize the variance in the sides of the head as "good" or "bad", but it is true that most peoples' hair reacts a little differently on each side of the head. Because our hair grows independently according to each individual follicle, and the growth patterns of the head are rarely symmetrical, the hair on one side of the head will behave differently than the hair on the other side.
This is often aggravated by the fact that sleeping on one side or another can result in friction damage to the hair, making it harder to manage. In the most severe cases, this can mean breakage of the hair and the appearance of thinning as a result. Furthermore, we generally tend to favor one side or the other because of our tendencies to be "handed", favoring our left or right hands. This makes it a little hard to work on the hair on the opposite side of the head.
The good and bad side of a head

In your particular case, I have to wonder first if there is a relationship between the side you sleep on most and the side of the head you feel is your "bad" side. It could be that the appearance of thinning on the "bad" side could be a result of your head rubbing against the pillow. One recommendation I can make if you think this is a possible cause (or at least a factor) is that you use a satin pillowcase, or wrap your hair in a scarf or night cap before going to bed - cutting down on the friction to your hair while sleeping will result in smoother, more-manageable hair in the morning.
You should also consider using a smoothing serum, or leave-in conditioner on the hair, targeting the harder to manage side of the head most heavily with these products. This should help to smooth any roughness or frizz.
Your hairstylist should also be using thinning shears to help to balance the hair density somewhat, which will help you to create a more uniform hairstyle. This will also make your hair easier to style and allow it to be dried more evenly with regard to amount of time it takes to do so.
Without knowing what the potential cause is for the thinness of one side over the other, I can't really advise you more than this. If the cause appears to be breakage, then you need to treat your hair gently and work to repair and restore the hair as it grows out. If the disparity is because the hair is actually thinner, I wonder if this has always been the case or not. If not, you need to determine what is causing the loss. The best way to do this is to speak with your doctor about possible causes of the thinning.
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