Pulling Gray Hairs Out

Pulling a hair out
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Q: Does pulling gray hairs out cause more to grow back?
A: I wish! (As does practically every other individual on the planet with both thinning hair and graying hair.) If this were the case, many people would be plucking hairs constantly to encourage thicker fuller heads of hair.
Gray hair is known as canities, and is caused by the cessation of pigment production in the hair follicle. The hair loses its melanin and becomes translucent, and appears either silver or white.
The development of gray hair seems to be genetically programmed and can be affected by stresses to the body, such as illness, poor diet, and prolonged mental and emotional strain. Some medications can even cause gray hair to develop.
But no, the idea of plucking a gray hair causing two to grow in its place is simply an Old Wives' Tale. The tale probably came about from people who were going gray plucking those initial few hairs they spotted, and coincidentally seeing a dramatic increase in the number of gray hairs forming on their head.
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