Handsome Pelts for Winter Faces

Face hair for men
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There is no need to shave every day with these stylish looks for men's faces. Why bother, if some well groomed facial hair can be so sexy? In winter beards are in focus. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are adorning the faces and chins of fashion-forward men around the world.
Facial hair is often overlooked as a fashionable attribute and is seen as an unavoidable nuisance. Make use of what nature has given you and jump right into one of the season's hottest trends. The range of styles has something in store for every man, from wild looks to heavily groomed ones.
Find your favorite look and get creative with your own growth. Side effects may include heightened attention from the opposite gender and a new boost to your self-confidence.
Short Goatee
Gary Dourdan enhances his features with a well-shaped, trimmed goatee. It has crisp lines and an even, short length. Goatees are both casual and chic. They can be paired with any fashion style, from professional business attire to ultra-casual jeans.
Gary Dourdan
Gary Dourdan - Photo: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock
Goatees come with the flavor of urban edginess. They have a rebellious but smooth and artistic flair with a debonair sensuality. A goatee is a relatively small commitment and easy to maintain. Men who shy away from full beards often choose this version for a sophisticated and creative look.
Is a goatee right for you? If you don't mind regular trimming for maintenance and prefer a casual but stylish look, give it a try!
This combination of a mustache and goatee comes across as a stunning revival of classy sophistication in men's faces. It can be described as a goatee without sides that has very clean, meticulously groomed contours and the hair is kept very short.
Eric Dane
Eric Dane - Photo: Tinseltown/Shutterstock
Depending on the growth pattern, a small soul patch on the chin can be a rather enchanting element. Eric Dane picked the flattering Balbo for himself and instantly exuded old-time charm, bringing up memories of old pirate or Robin Hood movies that made female hearts flutter.
Are you a balbo man? If so, then you like the good things in life, are well refined, cultured and blaze your own trail with style and finesse.
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