How to Remove a Cape

Man wearing a hair cutting cape when getting his hair cut with clippers
Photo: Lestertair/Shutterstock
Q: Can you give me a few examples as to how to take off a cape after a haircut so all the hair gets on the floor?
A: When removing a styling cape after a haircut, it's important to brush off as much of the excess hair as you can. If you've done your job properly, you will have used a neck strip or salon towel around the neck before placing the cape.
When you're ready to remove the cape, you want to lift the back edges of the cape and fold them up and around the shoulders to trap any loose hairs inside folds.
Then unfasten the cape and fold the towel or neck strip upward to catch any hairs found there. When the towel or strip is folded up and discarded, continue folding the cape up in itself and lift it horizontally away from the client.
How to remove a hair salon cape
It can then be gently shaken out to allow the hairs to fall away, and prepared to the next use, or placed into the laundry if preferred.
The bottom line is that you want to take the removal process slowly. If you rush the process, you are simply going to create a cloud of hair fragments that leave your client looking unkempt and feeling itchy.
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