Best Brands for Hair Capes

Hair salon cape
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Q: Can you recommend any brands that make good capes?
A: As with most products, you have a wide range of manufacturers to choose from when it comes to capes. The key is choosing a hair cape that will meet your needs.
The available brands also depend on where in the world you live. Some makers are only available in some areas or countries, and some manufacturers go by one imprint in one country and another in other countries, even though they are made at the same parent facility.
Here in the U.S. some commonly known makers are André, Betty Dain, Cricket, Ion, Jessie Steele, and Marvy. And pricing for capes can range from as low as $5 to as high as $30 or more depending on the sizing and specific purpose for which they are designed. Your job is to determine what exactly you need and make your decision based on that.
Some people prefer to get the more expensive capes with the idea that they will be more durable and last longer than less-expensive brands. Others prefer to buy several of a cheaper brand, knowing that as they rotate the use of them, they get the same longevity from the capes as the more expensive brand (if not better).
Capes designed for shampooing and chemical services are generally the cheapest capes available, but are often uncomfortable for the client who would be expected to wear them for long periods if they were having multiple services. Styling capes are lightweight and cooler, but offer little protection from moisture and can mean that overly moistened hair can drip through to the clothing underneath.
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