Itchy After a Haircut

Woman who is getting her hair cut short
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Q: I always get itchy after a haircut. My head isn’t itching, but the rest of my body is. Any tips on how to avoid this?
A: You get itchy because of the little sharp bits of hair that get into your clothing during or after the haircut. You’d be surprised at how sharp those little pieces of hair are. Remember that a professional stylist’s scissor is extremely sharp and accurate.
Especially when the stylist cuts the hair at an angle, the hair has a very sharp point. A lot of these sharp or blunt pointed pieces of hair can irritate your skin and make you itch.
Here are a few tips to avoid the brunt of it:
- Don’t use a body lotion after you’ve showered when you’re going to the salon. The lotion hydrates the skin and forms a very fine sticky layer on top of the skin. The hair gets stuck to this layer like a magnet, and the only way to get rid of those hairs is to take another shower again.
- Ask the stylist to drape a salon towel tightly around your shoulders, and tuck the edges into the collar of your shirt. Let her/him secure the towel with a clip at the front, and then drape the cutting cape over the towel. This way the hair shouldn’t be able to get into your clothes.
- After the stylist has cut your hair, ask her/him to blow away all the little pieces of hair that are still clinging to the cape or towel, with a blow dryer. This should get rid of most of the hair.
- Wear a collared shirt over the top that you wear to the salon. This way, you can take the collared shirt off after the haircut, and your top should be free of hair.
- Ask the stylist to dust you off with a dusting brush and baby powder after the cut. The baby powder absorbs the micro amounts of moisture, (especially present in just cut hair), which means that as the powder is dusted off, the hair goes with it.
- Ask the stylist to rinse your hair at the salon’s basin after the cut, but before he/she blow dries the hair. Most of the little hair still clinging to your head will wash away, sparing you the potential irritation that they can cause.
- The fail proof method is to have a shower after you’ve had your haircut, as the water washes away all those nasty little pointed tresses.
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