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Low Forehead and Fringe Hairstyle

Q: I have a low forehead, and pointed, defined features. My hair is very thick, dark and quite long. I'd really like a long (almost to eyebrows), blunt cut fringe with slightly longer wisps at the very edges of the fringe to frame my cheekbones. Do you think that this would be a good look? I'd really appreciate your help.
A: First of all, you must realize that it is virtually impossible for me to make a determination of whether or not a particular style would look good for you from a seventeen-word description. That being said, the general guidelines governing styling and cutting the hair would indicate that you should avoid a fringed hairstyle if you have a low forehead.
However, you could opt for a balanced "happy medium" between the rules and what you want by making the dimensions of the fringed style you desire relative to the dimensions of your facial structure. The bottom line is, if you like it, it matters very little what someone else thinks.
The only time I would go against this rule is when someone is doing something that has a negative impact on his/her hair's health and condition.
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