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Layered Hairstyles

Q: My hair is extremely thick, I hate wearing it short because it looks like an afro. I used to wear it in layers but let it grow back to one length. I was tired of looking like I was living in the eighties. Is getting hair cut in layers making a come back? I hope so.
A: Good News! Trends for hairstyles do show a return of layered hairstyles. Specifically, these new layered styles feature various layering techniques (box layering, choppy layers, etc.) and are used to create very up-to-date and modern versions of some basic haircuts.
I do feel I should add that generally, one must consider not only the texture and density of the hair when deciding on how to cut or style it, but also the wave pattern. If your hair is thick (dense) or coarse (size of hair shaft) or wavy or curly, you must maintain sufficient length to allow the weight of the hair to make the hair "fall" or "hang" as desired. A combination of these traits can increase the amount of length needed.
Shoulderlong hair with layers
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Much of the need to worry about these matters can be alleviated by choosing a talented and experienced stylist to cut your hair. Stylists are trained to evaluate the way a client's hair will respond to a cut before ever making a move with his or her scissors. A talented stylist has an added ability to see these factors more clearly and know precisely how far he or she can go with a cut to give you precisely what you want.
Today's hairstyle trends are also moving shorter again. For the most part, lengths are falling at points below the chin and the tops of the shoulders depending on the texture, wave and density of the hair. In addition to the shortening lengths and layering, many of today's styles feature soft waves, usually styled to give a wind-blown look.
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