How To Convince Your Husband

Husband and wife with long hair
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Q: I am 41 and my long hair no longer suits me. My hair stylist agrees that I would look much better with short hair, but I don’t think my husband is ready for it. How can I convince my husband to allow me to have short hair?
A: My advice would be to try a direct approach. Explain all the reasons that you want shorter hair.
Many men’s opinions on women’s hair length have to do with perceptions that may or may not be “set in stone”. For instance, my father’s love of long hair was due to his upbringing in a conservative, rural and religious community. My mother maintained her hair at or beyond shoulder length until he passed away.
However, in more recent eras, hair length preferences tend to be a matter of transient tastes. What a man finds appealing can change as he gets older and the fashions change. This may have to do with trends among those most visible in the media. In these cases, simply discussing the subject may be all you need to convince him to go along with a change. (Besides, it would always grow back.)
For starters, you can try simulating shorter hair styles. Wear your hair up, pulled back and otherwise arranged to appear less than the free-flowing locks you may have normally. Perhaps you can try a wig that will allow you to test-drive a shorter look without committing to something from the start.
Next, point out beautiful women who have the length of hair you desire to try. Allow him to compare the way their short hair enhances their features and imagine the way it would work for you. Many of the most popular celebrities of al generations have had varying lengths of hair and seldom has it affected their personal allure.
Finally, most husbands and boyfriends will gladly assent to anything that would truly please their mate. If you explain all your reasons for wanting shorter hair, then you’ll probably find that your spouse is far more pliable on the subject than you imagined.
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