How To Get Smooth Hair

Shiny smooth hair
Q: How can I get smooth hair at home? When I walk out of the salon my hair is always smooth and shiny, but I can never reproduce that look at home. What hair care routine do I need to follow for smooth and shiny hair?
A: The things that basically set apart the results you get in the salon from the results you get at home when styling the hair are “vantage” and “practice”.
The stylist who does your hair in the salon has much easier access to your head as she can stand behind you and move you so that she can approach the hair from many different angles. At home, you are limited in the amount of reach you can achieve since your arms are pretty much positioned in an immovable location.
Start by treating the hair for heat styling. Apply a thermal protector product to the hair once it is towel-dried and carefully work it through the hair. Use a wide tooth comb to evenly distribute the product and make sure the ends are coated as well as the lengths between.
In order to get the look you want you need to address the best way to get the look for yourself and how to make accessing the different areas of the head easier. One way is to section the hair and clip it up and out of the way of any section you are working with. This will make things easier because there’s not as much in the way as you work.
If you are looking to create smooth, straight looks, then use a large round brush with sufficient tines or bristles to create good tension in the hair as you blow it dry. Aim the airflow in the direction the hair grows. This prevents the air from blowing up under the scales of the cuticle layer and causing them to lift as this would make the hair look frizzy and rough. Take your time and move on once you feel you have the hair as smooth as you want it.
You can add an additional step using a flat iron after drying a given section. The flat iron will further smooth the hair and can help you get the finish you are looking for.
Continue section by section working from the neck upward. Again, take your time, and don’t rush. You’ll gain more speed as you get more practiced. Practice is the biggest advantage a salon stylist has in getting the results that make the difference between a salon hairstyle and an in-home style.
While you do your hair every day, the average stylist may style as many as 20 heads in a given day. Even if 20 heads a day is overestimating, the number of heads a stylist has styled (including her own) compared to the average woman is staggering. The stylist has more practice in manipulating the hair.
To help facilitate the results you want, make sure to use a shampoo and conditioner that will aid in getting the finish you desire. Many brands now offer “smooth and shiny” formulas that are designed to help flatten the cuticle and keep the hair looking sleek and glossy.
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