Steam Hair

Hot oil for hair treatment
Image: Shutterstock
Q: Is it ok to steam hair when applying hot oil cream if hair is damaged and frizzy?
A: Using steam could actually help to rehydrate the hair and allow the hot oil cream to more deeply penetrate the hair.
Just remember that heat and moisture can swell the hair and should be used in controlled measure. I would make sure to limit the steam exposure to 15-20 minute sessions for normal hair and cut back to around 10-minutes on hair that is heavily damaged.
Also allow the hair to cool fully before you start working with it after a steaming treatment. The steamed hair can be significantly more fragile while it is still warm and wet, so if the hair is damaged, be especially careful to prevent further damaging the hair. Use a wide-tooth comb to detangle the hair and to comb the hair after rinsing following the hot oil cream treatment.
In addition, with damaged, frizzy hair, do not rub with a towel to dry the hair. Instead, use the towel to blot the hair and remove the excess moisture by either pressing the towel against the scalp, or pressing the lengths of the hair between folds of the towel in the case of longer hair.
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