Long Hair on Guys

Guy with long hair
Photo: Minerva Studio/Shutterstock
Q: Do girls like long hair on guys? I plan to grow my hair out, but what do girls really think about boys with long hair?
A: You may as well ask if girls like broccoli. Some girls like a guy with long hair, some hate long hair on guys, and others can take it or leave it.
The one thing girls can usually agree on, though, is that if a guy is going to have long hair, he needs to make sure to care for it properly.
The hair should be trimmed regularly to remove split ends and keep it looking healthy. It should always be clean and well-conditioned and should be carefully groomed to keep it looking neat and presentable.
Whether you wear it down or pulled back into a ponytail, the hair should always look healthy, otherwise, you aren't putting your best foot forward and you'll fail to attract those girls who do like their men with longer hair.
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