Flat Back of the Head

Haircut for a flat back of the head
Q: I'm 18 years old and for the past 4 years I've had long hair into a ponytail. But now I want to cut it shorter like most men. The problem is that I have a slightly larger head than usual, which isn't that big problem like my flat back is. Any short hair just looks silly. Can you suggest to me a hairstyle that would hide that flatness?
A: As with most challenges when it comes to hairstyles, having a flat back of the head is not an insurmountable situation. All it takes is some careful evaluation and then creating a cut that uses bulk to create shape where there may not be any.
In that case of a flat back of the head, I generally suggest that a style be created using a weight line that falls at the back approximately 1.5 inches where the occipital bone would be located. It could be higher or lower depending on the length of the skull vertically.
The hair below this point would then be over-directed to the match up to the weight line and cut to create very steep layering that tapers down the remainder of the neck and gives an elongating effect.
The hair in the front and top sections can be kept long enough to reach back to the weight line at the occipital area, and styled so as to be slicked back to give added bulk and further reinforce the appearance of curvature in the nape.
Man worried about the flat back of his head
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By wearing the sides shorter with the potential for the top and front to fall and overlap the side tapering, you also give a visual interest and asymmetry that will keep the focus away from the problem area so that the illusion is better maintained.
The tapered layers in the back can be allowed to hang as they fall, or you can continue to shorten them in order to give the more traditionally masculine cut, and thus avoid the dreaded mullet look.
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